Writer’s Block?

I’m not sure what it is about writers’ routines that fascinates me, only that whenever I chance upon them I am eager to discover more.

The same goes for the concept of writers’ block. Does it exist? Or is it a by-product of a lack of routine?

I started turning these questions over in my head at some point last week when I was reading a book by crime writer Lawrence Block. The book was a reissue and contained a three-page introduction by the author himself.

Now, Mr Block does not exactly deal in high literature but his books are nevertheless fast, funny and well put-together. Therefore, I was amazed to read that at the time of writing the novel had found its way into my possession, Mr Block had been in the habit of producing a book every month.

A book every month?

That’s twelve books a year!

The mind boggles.

But then again, I asked myself, would it be so hard?

2,000 words a day for 30 days… would be OK – just about. But then to have to do it again twelve times?

Impossible. Incredible.

But then what choice did he have? With a name like Block, people might have started to make assumptions.